My battered heart will always be
where the ocean meets the sand, I
will break over and over

Every day. That is the best and
worst part of me.

Clementine von Radics (via journalofanobody)

WINNER - YGE’s new boygroup.

Mino facing a life crisis because of Seunghoon lol

how YG probably congratulated WINNER on their 1st WIN + album success


Mino: do you think we will finally hear ‘good job’ from the boss this time?

Everyone: *histerical laughing*

Taehyun: dreaming is free after all

Mino: …

SY: let’s go

*enter CEO studio*

YG: *throws phone on couch, ipad on the floor, daughter out of the window*



Bibi... :)


mix #4 - a mix of some of my favorite slow songs by yg family- [listen]

SDTG after prelims. It was all worth it. The stress, the money, the time, everything. Then I get to shop afterwards bcuz everything’s on sale in SM Lanang. YOLO! 

can u pls get out of my head like wtf i wanna sleep